Die Spirituelle Kirche von Arkadia Lichtern
Die Menschen suchen nach ihrem Platz in der Welt. Wir möchten Dir dabei helfen.
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Spiritual exercises

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Exercises for the Soul

  •       Training for our ministers
  •       Shamanism
  •       Spiritual self-development exercise
  •       Arkadia Spirit Therapy
  •       Crystal Therapy
  •       Meridian Therapy
  •       Reiki practice (up to master-teacher level)
  •       Angel Communication
  •       Traditional Folk Therapy (traditional healing methods)
  •       Numerology; Palm Reading, Tarot Card Reading
  •       Kadaceus, Kundalini, love and enlightenment exercise
  •       My name and birth number as keys to my life
  •       Helping one’s soul to find its way home, back to the Light
  •       Radiesthesia
  •       Chakra therapy
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