Arkadia´s lights Spiritual Church
The PEOPLE who are looking for their place in the world. We wish to help with it in order for you to find it!
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altDear Visitor, I welcome you with peace and love.


My name is Villas Bela, I am the spiritual leader of The Lights of Arkadia Spiritual Church, I am the one who dreamed about it, created it and running it. I am a cosmic traveler – just like you are. My current and final life on our Earth is a gift from the understanding of my lengthy previous lives, experiences; all I took in consciously. It is not easy, not hard – it is beautiful. I know and believe that mankind has a common mission and me and my followers are aware of it and conscious about it from the mercy of our Creator. Let me introduce you to our goals and who we are and if you share our thoughts, do not hesitate to contact us!



Spiritual mission statement

We believe in people's unity and that we are all equal.

We believe that every person is capable to create their

own internal tranquility and harmony,

that is necessary for us to live with our peers,

planet and nature in peace and harmony.

We believe in the creative power of our thoughts,

that we can dissipate the implants of our negative thoughts

and that we can create positive thoughts for ourselves and for the Existence.

We believe that life is not a warzone but instead a playground where

free and conscious people can play together and be happy.

We believe that we have help from higher powers

(that overshadow our material world) for all these things.

We believe that the words and actions of Emmanuel Jesus Christ

are meaningful for today's people and

we believe in His second coming – namely His birth in our hearts.

The basis of belief is the recognition of the existence of unity with God,

the acceptance of the universal principle of "what is above, is below";

the acceptance of the principle of "one is all, all is one";

the recognition that in this world of duality,

the goal of people is to recreate the transcendent unity.

We believe that the purpose of people's life is to achieve harmony

in the trinity of body-soul-spirit; and through this,

the preparation for the reunion with higher spiritual worlds and with God.

We believe that through our tools and possibilities,

we enable people to grasp and spread the knowledge of spirituality

that reaches far beyond the known physical reality and by this means,

we can help as many people as possible to find harmony

and stability of the trinity of body-soul-spirit.

To achieve our mission, we organize spiritual lectures in several cities covering

the most awe inspiring spiritual topics,

and trainings for the art of Alternative Healings and Medicines for those interested.



Sunday, March 18, 2018