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Arkadia Spiritual Group

Arkadia Spiritual Group

We recommend this group to our peers, our spirit-brothers, who wish to understand and search for the transcendent side (invisible, yet the moving and controlling force of matter) of life, Existence. One meeting takes about 2 hours, during which an idea, situation or philosophy is unfolded, understood and experienced. E.g. love, death, peace etc. After that the spiritual leader’s (Villas Bela) message is read aloud about the topic. Then an exercise put together by the spiritual leader (Villas Bela) comes, through which the topic of the evening can be experienced and understood. Then the group meeting ends with the neophyte master’s blessing.


Arkadia Spiritual Circles in Hungary


Arkadia Spiritual Circles in Germany

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Arkadia Spiritual Circles in Romania and Transylvania

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Arkadia Spiritual Circles in the USA

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