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Lectures by Villas Bela (titles to choose from)

  1.   The hard and rugged road to love
  2.   Curse, hex. How to become prone to it, how to protect yourself against it
  3.   That God exists is proven by the continuity of creation and your existence
  4.   What is the meaning of belief; who and what to believe in
  5.   We are Gods locked/trapped in materialism and forgetfulness
  6.   What kind of person is one who doesn’t improve this World
  7.   Birth, life, death, life after death/afterlife
  8.   Angels and their roles in creation and human existence
  9.   The mystery of the human trinity: body, soul, spirit
  10.   The purpose of praying and meditation
  11.   The awakening from materialism; the possibility of becoming Godly
  12.   The human body as a system of energy; understanding it, respecting it, controlling it
  13.   Become a free man to love selflessly; the most ancient and greatest mystery
  14.   You are a creator:  You plant seeds with your thoughts, feelings, actions and words
  15.   Understanding the second coming of Immanuel Jesus
  16.   Secrets of alternative healing methods
  17.   The possibility of enlightenment in life and death
  18.   The mystery of the human mind
  19.   The mystery of love, sexuality and dating
  20.   The mercenary of sin is death; who believes in me will live forever - my Master said 2000 years ago
  21.   The mystery of devils, demons and darkness. Do I fear, protect myself against, lust for (invite) or understand them ?
  22.   The life of Immanuel Jesus from his birth to his death without secrets and lies. Who was he? What did he bring?
  23.   Immanuel Jesus and his Apostles, the appearance of Paul after Jesus left Jerusalem
  24.   Shamanism
  25.   Mother Earth, the human body, water, crystals, programs, information, life, health
  26.   The common roots of religions
  27.   The mystery of karma
  28.   Child bearing and child rearing; parent - parent, parent - child relationships
  29.   Causes of illnesses and their course on energy level. See illnesses and problems as teachers
  30.   Dreams
  31.   Communication with spirits and the dead, invoking demons, future telling, automatic writing, table-turning, communication with angels
  32.   Final times, its signs, expected happenings, understanding these
  33.   Sins
  34.   Symbols, forms / shapes, amulets, tattoos and body piercings and their effect on our life
  35.   Is it possible for us to extend our lifetime and live healthy on our planet? Or Is it possible for us to extend our lifetime and continue living healthy on our planet?
  36.   UFOs, angels, demons. Cosmic order or cosmic chaos?
  37.   The necessity of spiritual awakening and its possibilities
  38.   Cosmic transformation; angels
  39.   One as a cosmic being; one’s role, task, and goal in existence
  40.   Entail. Old myths, rites and rituals
  41.   Hungarians: our past, present, and goals
  42.   Relationship with God and the necessity of communicating, connecting and becoming one with him
  43.   Law, rules and order. The origins and purpose of these ideals.
  44.   The mystery of death
  45.   The mystery of the four elements
  46.   The mystery of the soul.  ”What’s it worth if you win the whole world but you lose your soul?”
  47.   The mystery of peace.
  48.   Globalism and spirituality
  49.   Magic
  50.   The mystery of fasting and internal cleansing
  51.   Animals, plants, nature and the mystery to their approach
  52.   Radiestesy, the presence and effect of useful and useless energies on our life and options of protecting ourselves from them
  53.  Possession by sprits, deceased souls, demons and/or devils. How do I become susceptible to and how do I protect myself from them?


Tuesday, April 24, 2018