Árkádia Fényeinek Spirituális Egyháza 
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Our Services

Our Services

  • Recreating harmony in one’s body and soul

  • Removal of invaders/spirits from people, places, houses

  • Removal of curses, hexes, spells

  • Blessings for: life, relationships, businesses etc.

  • Baptism: Implanting seeds of harmony in souls born on this Earth and welcoming them from the Light

  • Marriages (without resolutions, promises and ties for a happy relationship) with traditional rituals (like before Christianity)
  • Burials (helping one’s soul to find its way home, back to the Light)

  • Blessing of people, places, houses with true, traditional rituals (like before Christianity)
  • Exorcism

  • Restructuring/rearranging one’s karma

  • Spiritual lectures covering the most awe inspiring spiritual topics

  • Fire-walking / Walking on fire

  • We also organize a spiritual boot camp every year
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